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    Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
    Job Description
    Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College is accepting applications for an on-call Interpreter of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing at our New Richmond, Rice Lake, Superior and Ashland campuses.

    Summary: To provide sign language interpretation/translation in educational setting as assigned.

    Purpose Statement: The job of Interpreter/Translator is specifically for the purpose of facilitating communication between person(s) who are deaf and hard of hearing and others' conveying teacher instruction and intent, assisting students with daily activities, providing voice to sign and sign to voice support, participating as a team member to plan, review and share information; and serving as a resource to other District personnel requiring assistance with deaf and hard of hearing person(s).
    Essential Duties and Responsibilities: (Other duties may be assigned)
    • Assist deaf and hard of hearing students in academic and nonacademic activities, individually or in groups (e.g., regular classroom, library, computer lab, etc.) for the purpose of facilitating communication
    • Interpret or translate classroom discourse necessary during classroom instruction for the purpose of facilitating effective communication.
    • Monitor students for the purpose of providing assistance as needed and ensuring a safe and positive learning environment.
    • Participate in meetings for the purpose of receiving and/or conveying information related to service the general goals of education to the deaf or hard of hearing and the student's goals.
    • Prepare for daily classroom lectures and activities for the purpose of providing a clear understanding and interpretation.
    • Provide accommodations of curriculum and classroom materials for the purpose of meeting the needs of deaf or hard of hearing student(s)
    • Demonstrate regular and reliable attendance.

    Deadline for Applications is until position is filled

    For more information please contact:
    Steve Dus, Dean of Students at New Richmond
    (715) 246-6561 Ext. 4301 or steve.dus@witc.edu
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